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Lawn mower cover





The company is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of molds, injection molding parts molding processing. The factory has a sincere cooperation team. We use the most technologically advanced processing equipment on the market to serve major manufacturers




The heat treatment process of the part, while making the part obtain the required hardness, but also need to control the internal stress to ensure the dimensional stability of the part during processing, different materials have different treatment methods. With the development of the mold industry in recent years, the types of materials used have increased, in addition to Cr12, 40Cr, Cr12MoV, cemented carbide, for some high-intensity, harsh force convex, concave die, can choose new materials powder alloy steel, such as V10, ASP23, etc., such materials have high thermal stability and good organizational state.

For parts made of Cr12MoV, quenching treatment is carried out after rough machining, and there is a large residual stress in the workpiece after quenching, which is easy to lead to cracking in finishing or work, and the parts should be tempered while hot after quenching, quenching stress. The quenching temperature is controlled at 900-1020 °C, and then cooled to 200-220 °C out of the furnace for air cooling, and then quickly returned to the furnace at 220 °C tempering, this method is called a hardening process, which can obtain high strength and wear resistance, and the mold effect is better for the main form of failure with wear. In the production of some workpieces with many corners and complex shapes, tempering is not enough to quench the stress, and stress relief annealing or multiple aging treatments are required before finishing to fully release the stress.

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